Welcome to MAG Osmani Medical College

Teacher and student of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College warmly welcome you to this camps and wish you a very happy and successful career as you plan to unfold perhaps best chapter of your life with us here. We also hope that you will find yourself in a very congenial surrounding and be able to find peers of your choice in no time in pursuit of your academic aspirations and future ambition.

Such a challenging profession with its fascinating puzzles and deep commitment to human values and expectation cannot but attract those who have the highest regard for all these. Therefor, We believe these are the challenges that you will be more than willing to face in the course of your future career as you steadily blossom into a competent medical graduate. We on our part would like to assure you of all possible assistance to enhance your academic and other related interests and in turn we believe you will dedicate yourself in giving this institution nothing but your very best to sustain our confidence in you. We expect to have any you in this prestigious academic institution recognized by the GMC of Great Britain as one of its worthy adherents and again wish a very happy and prosperous future regardless of your final choice of career.

Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College & Hospital (SOMCH) is a state funded Medical College in Bangladesh. It is located in the northeastern city of Sylhet in Sylhet District. In 1936 establishment of an Institutional Hospital in the heart of the city which was later upgraded to cater for the British and allied troops of Burma front in World War II. In 1948 the hospital was further upgraded and extended to convert it into a Medical School with appropriate teaching staff and residential accommodations in order to produce Licentiate of Medical Faculty (LMF) doctors. The College provides 5 years MBBS degree from 1962 and 4 years BDS degree from 2011, now admits approximately 210 students each year. It was renamed in 1986 from the original “Sylhet Medical College” to the current one after General Muhammad Ataul Gani Osmani, a native of Sylhet and the Commander-in-Chief of Bangladesh Army during Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. From 1999 postgraduate courses of various disciplines have been started in this College. The College is affiliated to “Shahjalal University of Science and Technology” under the School of Medical Sciences.